The (sad) Discovery of the Blobfish

A photo of two blobfish

The blobfish was discovered in 1926 by Allan Riverstone McCulloch. However, they weren't very popular until the 2000s - when the internet was born. This fish has become the most popular internet meme in 2013 when the Ugly Animal Preservation Society voted the blobfish the world's ugliest animal. Many sites disagree with this vote, such as this one, Save the Blobfish, and this article on

Blobfish on the Media

A picture of Donald Trump with the head of a blobfish

Does the ridicule for blobfish never end? Blobfish have found their way to pop culture, and not in a positive light. A couple episodes of Saturday Night Live feature a mermaid that it 65% blobfish - this character, named Shud, is supposed to display the "ugly" stereotype. In a very popular show, The X-Files, someone is given a blobfish by mistake. Society really crossed the line with both animal rights and politics when the New York Times featured a photo of Senator Ted Cruz and a blobfish side-by-side. That still isn't the only blobfish and political reference made in recent history. Many memes during the 2016 presidential elections featured a blobfish and politician/business tycoon Donald Trump. Who knew it was possible to offend two living things in one picture?

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