What is a blobfish?

A fat blobfish

Blobfish are deep-sea dwelling creatures, living about 3,000 feet under the sea. They live in the Bass Strait, between Tasmania and the Australlian mainland. Looking at the picture above, you might guess that blobfish are not the most... aesthetically pleasing. The picture above is not, in fact, what blobfish actually look like unedrwater. Here is an illustration of what a blobfish might actually look like underwater:

a slim blobfish

This is because blobfish are specially designed to withstand the pressure of 3,000 feet of water. This special mechanism, unfortunately, means a lack of muscles. So, blobfish just float at the bottom of the sea, catching whatever food comes by. Still, isn't it amazing that blobfish are able to survive the deep water pressure under thousands of feet? The blobfish at the top of the page is actually a miracle.

Save the Blobfish!

Did you know that the blobfish is endangered? With only 400 or so left in the world, they are critically endangered. This is a result of both trawling nets for deep sea fishing and other dangers of the deep sea. Unfortunately, not many people know this, and we might lose this amazing species. The people who do care created petitions like this one; go ahead and sign it!

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